Thanks to your generosity last year, we raised enough funds for multiple foundations to be poured!!  Now we have 2 families to build houses for! 

Meet Emily...Emily is a grandmother raising her 2 grandchildren. Emily says "I am very excited to be able to raise my grandchildren in a new beautiful home that we can call our own and I feel very thankful and fortunate for being chosen." Emily added with lots of enthusiasm, " I an super, super excited to start building!" 

Meet Helen...Helen is a single mother of four. Helen states, " I feel really excited and blessed to have been chosen as a partner for Habitat Clallam." She also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity for her family to have stability in their lives.  

Here are just a few items we will need in the coming months...

Box of Nails- $10.00

Lighting Fixture- $25.00

5 Gallons of Primer- $50.00

Interior Door- $75.00

Kitchen Sink- $100.00

Exterior Door- $250.00

Siding- $500.00

Sheetrock- $1000.00

Framing Package- $10,000.00


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We have raised $500.00 of our goal.
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    Equal Housing Opportunity