New Construction

*We are now selecting homebuyers for two homes to be constructed at our Maloney Heights subdivision located in West Port Angeles. Applications can be picked up at the Port Angeles and Sequim Habitat Stores from February 4 through March 5, 2020. Click here for details*

Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County is here to help you find the path of owning your own home. We provide affordable homeownership opportunities for income-qualified families. Acceptance into the program must meet the following basic criteria:

Interested in becoming a Habitat Homeowner? Here are 4 basic factors to help determine if you qualify:

1. NEED- Is your current living situation inadequate in some way? A need for shelter can be determined  by many factors such as lack of space, overcrowded housing, rental costs that are over 30% of a family's monthly income, unsafe living conditions, dangerous environment, problems with major utilities, or other general structural problems.

2. ABILITY- Do you have the ability to pay an affordable mortgage? A future homeowner must have a steady source of income and they must demonstrate financial responsibility. Family income must fall within established Habitat Clallam guidelines for the past 7 years. . Sources of income include but are not limited to: unemployment benefits, alimony, child support, food stamps, social security or disability. 

3. WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER-  Are you willing to accept and support the Habitat mission? Purchasing a home through Habitat Clallam requires a commitment of time and energy. Habitat Clallam strives to select homeowners who will active participants in the construction process and positive representatives of Habitat in the community. "Sweat equity" is the future homeowner's contribution of labor in the construction of their home. All selected future homeowners are required to complete 250 sweat equity hours per adult in order to move into their new home. These hours can be completed by the family working on their own home, working on the construction sites of other homes, working at the Habitat Store, homeowner education classes about financial management and home maintenance, or other Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County projects.  (All of these requirements need to be met)

4. RESIDENCE- Have you lived in Clallam County for at least 1 year? You must be a resident of Clallam County for at least 1 year.


*We are now selecting homebuyers for homes to be constructed at our Maloney Heights subdivision located in West Port Angeles. Click here for details*