22 Mar

Coming Soon! 2023 Home Repair course

“Whether you’re a house flipper, a beginning DIYer, or anyone interested in learning
basic home repairs, this course is perfect for you. In addition to learning valuable
skills, the course helps a local family in need get needed improvements to the
place they call home.”

Come and learn new skills in a relaxed, fun and collaborative environment!


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30 Sep

Thanks Clallam County!

Thanks for voting for us! Your confidence drives our efforts. Everything we do is in service to creating affordable housing for our community. Your at the right place to give of your time/talent/treasure! From our store to our build sits, we have opportunities for volunteers, and donate buttons on the website give you an opportunity to be a volunteer once, monthly, quarterly or annually. Thanks for your support!

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26 Sep

World Habitat Day is October 3, 2022

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Join Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County on World Habitat Day on October 3 2022. Donate (easily with the button at the lowere right of the screen), Shop and/or Volunteer to help make home affordable for people in your community. Donate once, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Donate your time, or shop at one of our stores for affordable home ownership in your community.

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30 Nov

Giving Tuesday Has Arrived!

This winter, as we count our blessings, our neighbors throughout Clallam County are at the top of the list. As always, our work is to create affordable and equitable housing for our friends and fellow citizens. On this Giving Tuesday, your gifts will allow us to continue our vital work. Go to for more information, or to donate. Or hit the orange Donate button at the top of this page! You decide the amount. Our gratitude is boundless. Stay warm (and dry!) and be well.

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18 Nov

The Thankful Season

Life is seldom like a story contained in a book. It’s messier, and sometimes it seems like anything resembling a plot has dried up or disappeared. Over the last two years, we’ve watched our vital and wonderful sea of volunteers have to make the tough decision to stay home. We’ve watched our committed and valiant friends and co-workers working harder than they ever imagined to keep our businesses open. To keep the lights on. To keep hope present in our lives. Our stores have done amazing business, thanks to all of you who have come out to shop, or donate items that others can treasure. In the ‘two steps forward and one step back’ reality we’re navigating, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has shopped, donated and given of their time and talents. Life is what happens while things are happening to us. While we weather what’s happening, it’s heartening to see so many people carrying on and focusing on what can be done, and choosing not to linger on what can’t. The days are growing shorter, and the holidays approach. We hope they bring you joy and comfort. We are thankful for your continued support and generosity. We will continue to build hope through building homes, we’ll continue to raise awareness and funds and continue to move forward. Hope, in its purest form, is a verb. It moves and responds when odds seem insurmountable. When the landscape offers little relief. As we flex our hope muscle in the coming year, it seemed right to pause for gratitude. Thank you, Clallam County for the support. For the inspiration. My your holiday season be filled with peace, love and light. And hope.

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09 Nov

Ike the Warehouse Gnome and the Days of Giving

Ike, our Warehouse Gnome took a good long look in the mirror recently. Here’s the proof.

He saw some things he likes, and a few things he did not.
Piercing green eyes
Excellent posture
Dry skin on knees and elbows
Has been selfish for decades.
Ike took a good long look at the gnome in the mirror. He’s asking him to make a change.
And so, that’s what he’s going to do this year. Ike is inviting you, good shoppers of Clallam County, to take part in Habitat’s food drive! He recently hopped on the store’s bike and shopped for canned items for our local citizens who might need a little extra help right now. Be like Ike! Round up a few cans of healthy soup, or other essentials (cans with pull top lids are best), bring them in to one of our two store locations and help out our local families and friends in need this holiday season. Bring 2 or more canned items and receive an in-store discount (can’t be used with other discounts)!

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07 Nov

Meet Ike, the Warehouse Gnome

“Sometimes I’ll come in at night to finish up a project, and I can swear I have heard little feet scurrying around. I thought it was a mouse, but then one night I heard it say ‘who #$%***#$ put that there’! I’m pretty sure mice don’t know words like that.” (Habitat’s Bookkeeper)
If every building of distinction has a guardian, then we are distinguished, indeed! We’d like you to meet our resident Watchcreature… Ike the Warehouse Gnome! Yes, he’s aware he resembles another beloved creature, but he swears there’s no relation. While Ike provides no discernible service to Habitat that we can pinpoint by sight, we have cleaned up quite a few of his messes (he never turns the Keurig off after he makes his warehouse brew), and have seen the aftermath of a few of his get togethers (the police were called after he threw a birthday party for several Polly Pockets), he is insisting that as the season of giving approaches, he wants to give back. As the month unfolds, we’ll be giving you an in-depth look into the world of Ike, and in December, he’ll be gifting a few discerning shoppers with a discount, if you can find him! Watch this space, savvy shoppers of Clallam! For now, enjoy this view of Ike on his recent Leaf Peeping tour of the warehouse. While he’s not a fan of pumpkin Spice, he once lived in a hollowed out pumpkin for 14 months, so seeing one brings back great memories for him. Until our next blog, be well and shop local!

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07 Oct

The days are growing shorter…

Visit our Habitat Store locations to feather your nest with the perfect chair, couch or loveseat! Our stock is always changing, with eye catching designs and well crafted items. Come and visit us!

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20 Sep

The Carpenter’s Club – Any Amount Makes a Big Impact!

Question: How can you be a carpenter without ever swinging a hammer?

Answer: Join the Carpenter’s Club!

Habitat For Humanity of Clallam County has devised many ways to include you as a house building partner. One of them is through a set monthly donation. Every penny goes towards the building process of an affordable home for a Clallam County resident, and you can become an armchair expert in the home building process immediately!

Other benefits:

You can end your Carpenter’s Club membership at any time (though you won’t want to, because doing good feels good).

If you choose to give $25 or more per month, you’ll be eligible for a 20% discount at our stores!

(fine print: cannot be combined with other discounts)

As a member of a club, you can rest easily knowing there will never be a meeting of the Carpenter’s Club. No in person check in, no awkward Zoom ice breakers! Every introvert reading this is grinning.

The Carpenter’s Club is a valued part of our Habitat squad. Individuals, stepping up to lend us their time, talent and treasure are what make Habitat (especially here in Clallam County) continue to grow and evolve. People’s willingness to give inspires us to continue to grow our network of affordable homes for working families and individuals.

Interested? Send us an email at or call 360-775-3742.


Here's a testimonial from one of our fantastic Carpenter's Club members, Matthew Carter!

"With all the news about affordable housing, I wanted to do my part to support an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that people have a decent place to live in Clallam County. Donating to Habitat For Humanity of Clallam County is something that people should consider, as it ensures that those in the community benefit by housing people who are in need. A small amount of money is withdrawn monthly and it can in turn make an impact to our community and to those we know and care about."


--Matthew Carter

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