Question: How can you be a carpenter without ever swinging a hammer?

Answer: Join the Carpenter’s Club!

Habitat For Humanity of Clallam County has devised many ways to include you as a house building partner. One of them is through a set monthly donation. Every penny goes towards the building process of an affordable home for a Clallam County resident, and you can become an armchair expert in the home building process immediately!

Other benefits:

You can end your Carpenter’s Club membership at any time (though you won’t want to, because doing good feels good).

If you choose to give $25 or more per month, you’ll be eligible for a 20% discount at our stores!

(fine print: cannot be combined with other discounts)

As a member of a club, you can rest easily knowing there will never be a meeting of the Carpenter’s Club. No in person check in, no awkward Zoom ice breakers! Every introvert reading this is grinning.

The Carpenter’s Club is a valued part of our Habitat squad. Individuals, stepping up to lend us their time, talent and treasure are what make Habitat (especially here in Clallam County) continue to grow and evolve. People’s willingness to give inspires us to continue to grow our network of affordable homes for working families and individuals.

Interested? Send us an email at or call 360-775-3742.


Here's a testimonial from one of our fantastic Carpenter's Club members, Matthew Carter!

"With all the news about affordable housing, I wanted to do my part to support an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that people have a decent place to live in Clallam County. Donating to Habitat For Humanity of Clallam County is something that people should consider, as it ensures that those in the community benefit by housing people who are in need. A small amount of money is withdrawn monthly and it can in turn make an impact to our community and to those we know and care about."


--Matthew Carter