“Sometimes I’ll come in at night to finish up a project, and I can swear I have heard little feet scurrying around. I thought it was a mouse, but then one night I heard it say ‘who #$%***#$ put that there’! I’m pretty sure mice don’t know words like that.” (Habitat’s Bookkeeper)
If every building of distinction has a guardian, then we are distinguished, indeed! We’d like you to meet our resident Watchcreature… Ike the Warehouse Gnome! Yes, he’s aware he resembles another beloved creature, but he swears there’s no relation. While Ike provides no discernible service to Habitat that we can pinpoint by sight, we have cleaned up quite a few of his messes (he never turns the Keurig off after he makes his warehouse brew), and have seen the aftermath of a few of his get togethers (the police were called after he threw a birthday party for several Polly Pockets), he is insisting that as the season of giving approaches, he wants to give back. As the month unfolds, we’ll be giving you an in-depth look into the world of Ike, and in December, he’ll be gifting a few discerning shoppers with a discount, if you can find him! Watch this space, savvy shoppers of Clallam! For now, enjoy this view of Ike on his recent Leaf Peeping tour of the warehouse. While he’s not a fan of pumpkin Spice, he once lived in a hollowed out pumpkin for 14 months, so seeing one brings back great memories for him. Until our next blog, be well and shop local!