Life is seldom like a story contained in a book. It’s messier, and sometimes it seems like anything resembling a plot has dried up or disappeared. Over the last two years, we’ve watched our vital and wonderful sea of volunteers have to make the tough decision to stay home. We’ve watched our committed and valiant friends and co-workers working harder than they ever imagined to keep our businesses open. To keep the lights on. To keep hope present in our lives. Our stores have done amazing business, thanks to all of you who have come out to shop, or donate items that others can treasure. In the ‘two steps forward and one step back’ reality we’re navigating, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has shopped, donated and given of their time and talents. Life is what happens while things are happening to us. While we weather what’s happening, it’s heartening to see so many people carrying on and focusing on what can be done, and choosing not to linger on what can’t. The days are growing shorter, and the holidays approach. We hope they bring you joy and comfort. We are thankful for your continued support and generosity. We will continue to build hope through building homes, we’ll continue to raise awareness and funds and continue to move forward. Hope, in its purest form, is a verb. It moves and responds when odds seem insurmountable. When the landscape offers little relief. As we flex our hope muscle in the coming year, it seemed right to pause for gratitude. Thank you, Clallam County for the support. For the inspiration. My your holiday season be filled with peace, love and light. And hope.